WHMCS Proxy Manager Features List:

Administrator control panel:
* Addon menu in the admin section of WHMCS panel with the following options:
-Ability to add proxies to a user based on:
-number of proxies
-number of locations
-number of IP subnets

And More:
-split the number of proxies equally between locations/subnets
-random or non sequential proxies
-Ability to remove a proxy or more
-Ability to change proxy port
-Ability to authorize the proxies by IP address

-Ability to add more IPs to the database from under VPS, with different server locations

-Ability to keep track (history) of proxies and client activity to see who was using which proxy

-Ability to manage the proxy type HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS

Client control panel:
* A menu in the user WHMCS panel that displays the following:
-Proxy IP’s assigned to his account
-Proxy Port
-Proxy Country and Location

* Option for user to change:
-To change previously authorized IP
-Option to request proxy change (once every a billing cycle)

Other combined features:
-Automatically set the users account up after they order and send the order details over the provided email.
-Automatically cancel and block user access to proxies if account get suspended/canceled/deleted by admin or automatically for not paying monthly subscription
– Sell shared proxies (Shared IP not user/pass) or dedicated Proxies